Hadassah Hospital's Iconic Round Building
Save Pediatric Patients
Hannah, diagnosed with multiple malignant melanoma in 2002, was fully cured at the Hadassah Hospital
Video: Melania Trump Visits the Hadassah Medical Center, accompanied by Sara Netanyahu
The Rebuilding of Hadassah’s Hospital on Mount Scopus: Physiotherapists / Musicians Leah Migdal and Martin Niv
50th Anniversary of Reunification of Jerusalem and Return of Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital - the Highlights on Video
The Rebuilding of Hadassah’s Hospital on Mount Scopus: Speech by Director of Mount Scopus Hospital Dr. Osnat Levzion–Korach
The Rebuilding of Hadassah’s Hospital on Mount Scopus: Speech by USAID Deputy Mission Director Jonathan Kamin
Melanoma Patient Steward Greenberg
Trauma: Liana’s miraculous recovery
Trauma: Saving 3 year old Tahel
MS: TV program shows success
Interview with Prof Zeev Rotstein Hadassah Director General
Russian Children Treated at Hadassah for Osteopetrosis
Melanoma, Stewart Greenberg's Story
A French Orchestra Plays at Hadassah
Prof Rotstein talks about the New Operating Rooms
PET/CT Scan Shows Cancer
Medical Clowns at Hadassah
Hearts for Peace: Pediatric Cardiology
Hadassah Medical Center: A Better World
Research: Promise of Stem Cells
Research: Stem Cells- protectors of the brain
Clown Project: Hadassah clown helps children around the world
Neurology: Hadassah's Stroke Center
Clown Program: Dream Doctors at Hadassah
Oncology: Bone Marrow Transplantation and Cancer Immunology at Hadassah
OB-GYN: Mammography at Hadassah
Tower: Help Hadassah Heal -- Narrated by Natalie Portman
Trauma: Prof. Avi Rivkind and Inna Zusman
Pediatrics: Hadassah - The Center for Children with Chronic Diseases
Pediatrics: Treating Children at Hadassah Mount Scopus
OB-GYN: Hadassah Mt. Scopus
Neurology : Treating diseases of the brain at Hadassah Medical Center
Rehabilitation: The Gait and Motion Laboratory - Hadassah Mt. Scopus
Internal Medicine : Treating patients at Hadassah
Trauma: Operation Protective Edge At Hadassah
Trauma: Hadassah Saves World-Renowned Mathematician
Tower: David Fintzi - Story of a Special Patient
Cardiology: Heart Attack? Hadassah Protocol Saves Lives
Pediatrics: Shahar, Hadassah’s Pediatric Oncology Team Saves a Young Girl
Pediatrics: Children’s Healing and Environmental Garden
Hadassah Medical Center: Tchaikovsky Flashwaltz at Hadassah Hospital
Hadassah Medical Center: You Can Count on Us with Natalie Portman
Pediatrics: Hadassah AIDS Center: Research and Treatment
Trauma: Hadassah saves the life of Adi Hooja
Hadassah Medical Center: We could have just told you about Hadassah, we choose to tell you about our vision
Building Bridges to Peace: International Master of Public Health (IMPH) Conference
PICU: The NEW Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Hadassah - Be a PARTNER
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