When Dr. Mohammed Dejani, a Fatah terrorist, witnessed the compassionate, quality medical care the Hadassah Medical Center gave his father, who was battling cancer, he was transformed into one of the leading voices for peace between Arabs and Israelis. “Everyone was so kind, and they gave my father the same professional treatment as the Jewish patients,” said Dr. Dejani.

He adds: “I saw a different side of Israelis. When I was younger, I saw the world in black and white. My thinking changed.”

Today, Dr. Dejani, a lecturer at Al Quds University in Jerusalem, advocates for peaceful cooperation between Arabs and Israelis through the organization he started in memory of his father—“Big Dreams, Small Hopes.”

Dejani had been an engineering student at the American University of Beirut when he signed up as a recruit for the fast-expanding Fatah terrorist organization. He went for military training in Syria, but his main specialty was being a Fatah publicist.

Although he completed two doctorates in the United States, he had no interactions with Israelis or Jews while in America. When he returned to the Middle East, however, his father, Suleiman Dejani, became very ill with stomach cancer and Mohammed began driving him to Hadassah for treatment. Thus began his transformation into an activist for peace.