German Plastic Surgeon Dr. Johannes Guggenmos, working at the Hadassah Medical Center, was recently interviewed by a German newspaper and television station, and eagerly conveyed his enthusiasm and admiration for his professional experience at Hadassah and the country of Israel.

Dr. Guggenmos, through practicing medicine in Hadassah’s Department of Plastic Surgery, the article notes, sees and experiences things that others only know from television. His time at Hadassah, the article continues, has enhanced his understanding of war and peace.

While touching on the kind of reconstructive work plastic surgeons do in Israel, the article also discusses the Middle East conflict and the obstacles to peace. “We are proud that our work can be seen as a contribution to peace–at least in health care,” said Dr. Guggenmos.  “Our hospital is an island of peace.”

Dr. Guggenmos, a former student of Bodensee-Gymnasium, studied in Jerusalem in 2001 during the second intifada. He returned to Israel, specializing in plastic surgery in 2010. The German Academic Exchange service (DAAD) awarded him a scholarship. As he expresses, “The DAAD has sent me as a gift to Israel. This is an important sign that officials from outside are investing in the future of this region.”