Hadassah physicians, having saved the life once before of Adham Schehada, who suffers from a very rare and lethal blood disease, just extended his life span again with a bone marrow transplant.
Adham, age seven, who comes from the Arab city of Beit Lehem, had previously been hospitalized in Hadassah’s Department of Pediatric Hemato-Oncology. His physicians had a difficult time finding a medication that would help him. So, Dr. Diana Averbukh searched the medical literature to try to find a proper medication. Her wisdom and ingenuity led her to choose a medication that proved successful, although there was no protocol recommending its use for this disease. Adham was stabilized, but he still needed a bone marrow transplant. His relatives were not eligible donors, so Adham’s parents decided to have another child with the hope that his/her bone marrow would match. Fortunately, a new brother was born, who was free of the disease and an appropriate donor. A successful bone marrow transplantation was performed! Although the severity of the blood disease means Adham is still at risk, Hadassah’s physicians are determined to do whatever they can to help him fight for his life.