Whether it be Hadassah’s expertise in treating victims of terror, dealing with post-traumatic stress syndrome, training Palestinian physicians or caring compassionately for all patients regardless of ethnicity, the Hadassah Medical Center is in the headlines across Europe and Latin America, thanks to the efforts of Hadassah International units.

Hadassah physicians are featured as “heroes” as they miraculously save lives with new innovative medical techniques, perfected through the unfortunate extensive experience with terror-induced injuries. The donation of organs by families of Israeli victims to Palestinian patients and Palestinian families to Israeli patients are highlighted.

Also widespread are articles in the press of Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Holland, Luxembourg, Austria, United Kingdom, and France about Hadassah International-sponsored events. In Germany, for example, Berliner Morgenpost published an article about a reception at the residence of the Israeli Ambassador, sponsored by Hadassah Germany with special guest speaker Prof. Moti Sela of HMO’s Department of Maxillofacial Prosthetics. Luxembourg’s Luxemburger Wort publicized the opening night of “The Pianist,” as well as a conference featuring Prof. Shlomo Maayan, head of HMO’s AIDS Department, hosted by Hadassah Luxembourg.

In addition, the London Jewish News gave coverage to the Hadassah International Conference and Switzerland’s Revue Juive highlighted the activities of Young Hadassah International, as well as their support for HMO. In Mexico, the National Mexican weekly magazine, Siempre, featured an interview with HMO Director General Prof. Shlomo Mor-Yosef, when he and Hadassah International President Nancy Falchuk visited Mexico City and met with members of the Mexican Ministry of Health. HMO was labeled “an island of peace between Arabs and Jews.”

Thanks to the media publicity generated by the work of our volunteers and directors throughout Europe and Latin America, Hadassah International surges ahead in building bridges among nations. Thanks to the press coverage, more and more people now know about Hadassah International, a network of dedicated volunteers founded on the principle that advancement and cooperation in medicine and science transcend politics, religion and national boundaries.