Hadassah Mexico was proud to host Dr. Adolfo Roitman, Curator, Shrine of the Book, Israel Museum, for lectures in Mexico City and in Monterrey, Nevo Leon.

Dr. Roitman, whose expertise is the Dead Sea Scrolls, was the guest speaker at a breakfast organized by Hadassah Mexico Supporter Moshe Sandler for members of the Young Presidents Organization in Mexico City and for a group of Hadassah International supporters in Mexico, in the presence of Israeli Ambassador to Mexico His Excellency Yosef Livne and his wife, Norma, and Ambassador to Mexico from the European Union, Mendel Goldstein, and his wife, Silvia.

Dr. Roitman noted that there is a significant connection between the Hadassah Medical Center and the Israel Museum, since both are fundamental institutions of Jerusalem that are recognized worldwide; both elevate people’s quality of life by promoting heath and culture.