A delegation of five Muslim physicians from Senegal are participating in a joint workshop with Israeli colleagues at Hadassah Medical Center to learn a special circumcision technique that prevents the spread of AIDS.

Research reveals that circumcision surgery reduces the chances of a person becoming infected with the HIV virus through sexual intercourse by 65 percent.

Israel has already sent three delegations to Swaziland to perform circumcision surgeries in an effort to decrease the prevalence of AIDS in Africa. This led to connections between Israel and Senegal that ultimately resulted in a formal cooperation agreement between an umbrella organization of eight Israeli hospitals and medical institutions called Operation Abraham and the Sengal National Medical Association and Health Ministry. The week-long workshop was held through this cooperation agreement. The goal is to establish a team of Jewish and Muslim surgeons who will go to South and East Africa to assist in circumcision surgery and decrease the incidence of AIDS on the continent.