Hadassah’s recently opened Bearman Intermediate Respiratory Care Unit (IRCU) has already enhanced the quality of life for two children with lung problems, one an Israeli, the other a Palestinian from the Gaza Strip.

The Center’s first patient, suffering from rapid deterioration in respiratory function, was completely confined to his home, unable to descend a flight of stairs. Once he was admitted to the IRCU for further treatment, he was connected to the biphasic Cuirass Ventilation System, a noninvasive respiratory assistance treatment option that provides chest vibrations and facilitates mucus clearance. The patient’s condition improved significantly and he was able to undergo a lung transplantation.

The second young boy, a Palestinian from the Gaza strip who was suffering from end-stage lung disease, was referred to the Center in cooperation with the Palestinian Authority. Once admitted to the IRCU, his condition improved substantially, so that now he is capable of moving around without his ventilator for a number of hours a day. This makes it possible for him to attend the hospital school, which has improved the quality of his life, as he awaits the possibility of a lung transplant.