Tareq, a Palestinian boy with a serious congenital heart defect, was hospitalized in the newly renovated Pediatrics Department Wing A of Hadassah Hospital-Mount Scopus at three months of age. Despite his grave prognosis, Hadassah’s health professionals saved his life.

Initially, all the medical team could do was give Tareq oxygen and medication. In a short time, however, Tareq’s prognosis shifted. Now, five months later, his echocardiogram illustrates substantial cardiac improvement. He is still hospitalized at Hadassah, but is now almost strong enough to undergo cardiac catheterization to repair some of the damage to his heart. Tareq will need heart surgery at a later date, but his prospects are excellent.

During the past year, nearly 1,300 children—Arabs, Christians, and Jews–have benefitted from vital medical treatment in the newly renovated Pediatrics Wing A. Your financial support plays a vital role in enabling Hadassah’s medical team to ease the hospital stays of these patients and save their lives.