Mittie Freeman from Ellijay, Georgia, experienced a heart attack and stroke while touring Israel with her First Baptist Church group. After her life was saved at Hadassah Hospital, she sent a letter of thanks to the staff. “Jerusalem will always be in my prayers,” she wrote, “and you will be in my memory.”
“I was definitely in the right place at the right time,” she noted. “If I had not been there when I was, I probably wouldn’t be here with my family and friends at this time.” Mrs. Freeman continued: “The people at the hospital were so good to me and, needless to say, the doctors were outstanding. I will never forget the kindness I found there.”

Mrs. Freeman also wrote a letter to her local newspaper, sharing her experience. “After several days of intense touring,” she wrote, “I had a very unexpected heart attack followed by a stroke. …Everyone there said I was in the very best place I could possibly have been for this to happen. The hospital, Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem, is reportedly one of the largest and best hospitals in the world and I believe it. They saved my life. …I can’t say enough about how good the doctors were. They developed and were world-renowned for some of the procedures they used on me. It seems that I had developed a blood clot in my heart and a piece broke off and went to my brain and caused a stroke. One of the doctors went in by catheterization and lifted the clot off my brain. One of them said, ‘We saved your life—you are precious to us.’ ”

After spending 20 days at Hadassah, first in the emergency room at Hadassah-Mount Scopus and then transferred by ambulance to Hadassah-Ein Kerem, Mrs. Freeman reflected, “The nurses were so good. The doctors and the nurses gave their personal cell phone numbers to my children so they could call and check on me. …When we left, it was kind of like saying goodbye to old friends.”