Hadassah New Zealand is planning to raise funds for the Rozana Project by participating in the March 2014 Jerusalem marathon and generating donations from sponsors in New Zealand and Israel.

Twenty-five people from New Zealand are expected to travel to Israel to participate in the marathon. They will be joined by Kiwis or those with a NZ connection living in Israel.

By supporting Project Rozana, Hadassah New Zealand aims to encourage goodwill and mutual tolerance while at the same time improving the lives of those who up till now had no hope of having access to the world class care at Hadassah.

The money raised by Project Rozana will be used for three main purposes:

  1. Support for Palestinian Arab children requiring specialized medical treatment at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.
  2. Support for Palestinian Arab doctors doing a residency at Hadassah. This spans 4 to 5 years and the annual cost to train each resident is approx. US$70,000. During the last 10 years some 73 Palestinian Arab doctors have participated in residency training courses at Hadassah.
  3. To provide short term training at Hadassah for Palestinian Arab doctors and medical experts in specific fields. The objective of this project is to enable Palestinian medical professionals in various specialties to acquire the latest skills and training for which Hadassah is world renowned. Once they have completed their respective courses they will return to their communities to treat patients in Palestinian Authority hospitals and clinics.

The Rozana Project is an example of how medicine can encourage goodwill and mutual tolerance while at the same time improve the lives of those who up till now had no hope of having access to such world class care.

To see how to sign up for the marathon please go to: http://www.hadassahinternational.org/news/article.asp?id=2586

To read more about plans for the event, please go to: http://www.jwire.com.au/news/hadassah-new-zealand-fund-raising-to-help-palestinian-children/38868

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