Menachem, a 22-year-old soldier wounded in the arm during the October 7th invasion in Kissufim, underwent surgery by Hadassah Ein Kerem teams and has now begun his rehabilitation journey in the rehabilitation department at Hadassah Mount Scopus.
Recently, during physiotherapy with the department’s staff, Menachem met Ofer Ohana, 52, a seasoned Magen David Adom medic who was critically wounded precisely a year ago in a terrorist attack in Kiryat Arba. After his injury, when he began the rehabilitation process, the team at Hadassah met a man who inspired everyone around him.

Maayan Hadad, the physiotherapist treating both of them, thought that by introducing them they could enrich and encourage each other.
“As someone in the process of rehabilitation here at Hadassah Mount Scopus, I can tell you that you will not believe how far you will go,” Ofer told Menachem. “With solid willpower, with the support of family and with the people here, who know how to motivate and advance you, every time you take another step and make another personal achievement, you will become stronger and return to yourself. The team here helped me discover my strength and trust in myself. They do holy work, and today I work hard with them, give my all to the process, and they give everything for me.

Director of the Department of Rehabilitation at Hadassah Mount Scopus, Prof. Isabella Schwartz, says that Ohana is fighting with all his strength to return to the abilities he lost following his serious injury. “Ofer was very seriously injured and suffered many injuries. He was referred to the rehabilitation department at Hadassah Mount Scopus to begin the arduous work. The department’s staff, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, and occupational therapists accompanied him daily in various treatments, professionally and with a lot of patience, and instilled in him self-belief and hope. He proved how strong he is and indeed went through and continues to undergo an amazing rehabilitation process. He inspires soldiers and civilians who began the rehabilitation process following their serious injuries.”

In the picture, right to left: Menachem, Ofer, and Maayan, the physiotherapist at Hadassah Mount Scopus.

Photo: Hadassah Spokesperson’s Office
Hadar Elboim – Hadassah Spokesperson