Hadassah Austria, Hadassah France and Hadassah U.K. are proud to be contributors to the purchase of a new state-of-the-art rehabilitation system recently installed in the Rehabilitation Department at Hadassah University Hospital at Mount Scopus. Known as the ‘Loko System Treadmill’ and produced in Switzerland, this sophisticated piece of equipment is specially produced for locomotive therapy for para, hemi, and tetra-paraplegic patients. The Loko system’s computer allows the calculation of exact amounts of weight to be borne by the patient, and allows precise therapy control from session to session. The Hadassah Medical Organization’s Rehabilitation Department is the only institution in Israel that currently has a Loko system. Worldwide, they are still not readily available. Patients are now coming from all over Israel for the special rehabilitative therapy provided by the Loko system. As we are all aware, many survivors of terrorist incident continue to come to HMO for therapy even after many months have passed. Roni Gozlan, a 35 year old father of three whose right foot was all but severed in the bus bombing in French Hill in June 2002, still receives physical therapy at HMO a couple of times a week. He is certainly grateful as he sees the great progress that he is able to achieve through the use of this new equipment.