“I have so many good things to say about Hadassah,” says Hannah, mother of nine-month-old Moshe (not their real names), with tears in her eyes. The medical care the baby received was outstanding, she says, but it was “the human touch that made it so special. I cannot imagine having a better team.”

When Hannah was six months pregnant, she learned that one of the chambers her unborn baby’s heart was missing. They and their friends began looking for a hospital and a specialist who could treat the serious problem. After much searching, they found Prof. Azaria Rein, Head of our Pediatric Cardiology Department at Hadassah. “My father is a doctor in the States, and he also did research,” Hannah related. “Prof. Rein’s name came up time and again so we decided to meet him.

It’s amazing how the optimism of a doctor affects the family. From day one, Prof Rein was warm, friendly and — unlike the other doctors we had consulted – quite optimistic.” When she arrived to give birth at Hadassah-Ein Kerem, Hannah says, “we knew we were in good hands. A neonatology specialist and pediatrician were there, ready and waiting. Everyone was warm and caring.”

The birth was successful but the problem remained – and surgery was still a necessity. Hannah and baby Moshe were frequently at Hadassah, consulting with Prof. Rein, Dr. Julius Golender and the other members of the team. Dr. Eli Milgalter, Head of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, performed the operation. But it was his relationship with the parents that made the experience so special. “Before the procedure Dr. Milgalter sat with us and explained what would take place.

Hannah says she “can’t say enough about the level of medical and personal care they received in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit where Moshe recovered. “The doctors and nurses were there for us around the clock, noticing every little detail. Their human touch was so special. I especially remember how a nurse made it possible for me to breastfeed my baby, even though he was attached to a million tubes and wires. She helped me climb onto the bed and carefully placed my son on top of me, tubes and wires and all.” The caring was a constant throughout the department.

“After the surgery, Dr. Milgater called us at home to see how Moshe was and even gave us his personal cell phone number. Even the Pediatric Cardiology department secretaries Maya and Channi were warm and kind. The love they showed for my child and their prayers were so special. “I am so glad we came to Hadassah.

My baby boy is now nine months old and he is doing great – rosy-skinned and happy. His life is as predictable as mine or yours. “He will need another surgical procedure when he is bigger and stronger, and the Hadassah team is very optimistic. They joke with us that Moshe won’t be able to participate in the Olympics or be able to live in the Alps because of his blood-oxygen limitations. But he will grow up to be a normal child and adult.

“I just love the optimism of the doctors at Hadassah. “