Dr. Jorge Makarovsky, who directed the first Argentinean heart transplant on a child with restrictive cardiomyopathy and is a former head of Cardiovascular Pediatric Surgery and Transplantation at the Hospital Italiano in Buenos Aires, met with cardiac colleagues at the Hadassah Medical Center this winter and returned home eager to establish academic and clinical exchanges for Argentinian physicians with their counterparts at Hadassah.

During his visit, Dr. Jorge Makarovsky met with Prof. Azaria JTT Rein, head of Hadassah’s Pediatric Cardiology Department, and observed a complicated pediatric cardiac surgery, performed by Dr. Eli Milgalter, Director of the Department of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery at Hadassah. Claudia Rubinsztain, formerly from Argentina, escorted Dr. Makarovsky on his tour, noting that he was most appreciative of his experience and plans to keep in touch with Dr. Milgalter. In addition, she reports, Dr. Makaroksy would like to send a professional team from Hospital Italiano to study at Hadassah.