Canonic, a subsidiary of the biotechnology company Evogene Ltd., has announced an agreement with Hadasit, the Hadassah Medical Center’s Technology Transfer Company, to perform pre-clinical studies to support Canonic’s development of anti-inflammatory medical cannabis products.

The work will be conducted by the laboratory of Hadassah’s Prof. Reuven Or, where his research team will screen Canonic’s cannabis core collection, using inflammatory in-vitro models.

Prof. Or and his colleague Dr. Osnat Almogi-Hazan note, “We established a research center at Hadassah for immunobiology and cancer immunotherapy. In the last five years, as a part of our research, we investigated the reciprocal relationship between cannabinoids and immunity, using a variety of pre-clinical models. It is our privilege to undertake the testing of Canonic’s unique cannabis collection relating to immune cell function. We strongly believe that only pre-clinical investigation of cannabis chemotypes will allow the successful incorporation of disease-specific cannabis treatments into the clinic.”

Dr. Tamar Raz, Hadasit’s chief executive officer, adds, “Hadasit is happy to facilitate the agreement with Canonic to use the scientific and clinical expertise of Prof. Or’s team in medical cannabis to test the anti-inflammatory activity of the company’s cannabis lines. We are hopeful that the research results will pave the way for additional collaboration with Canonic in the near future.”

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