Making their way out of Darfur through arduous and dangerous terrain, 31 Sudanese refugees (17 children and 14 adults) found safety in Israel. For two of the women, Agel and Hawa, the journey was even more perilous because they were in an advanced state of pregnancy. When they arrived, Hadassah provided prenatal testing. “In the refugee camps, we heard this was a good place to be,” said Hawa, one of the pregnant women. She and her husband, Achmed, and their two children had fled Darfur after much of her family was killed.

Agel and Hawa were given blood tests, fetal monitoring, and ultrasound. Babies and moms were found to be in good shape, despite the difficult journey. Agel is expected to have a normal birth, and has already moved to a kibbutz in the north. Hawa, whose two previous births were by Caesarian section, would need a third operation.

After several weeks of monitoring, on Tuesday, July 10, Hawa arrived at Hadassah Hospital- Mount Scopus. Anesthesiologist Daud Abutaa, who is Arabic- speaking, explained the epidural procedure she would undergo to deliver her baby. He also asked her if she would be willing to contribute cord blood to a needy Jewish child with leukemia, and she happily agreed.

Hawa’s baby boy entered the world with a lusty cry! She is thinking of naming him “Daud,” after Dr. Abutaa. Daud is Arabic for David.