• Expecting: The new Labor and Delivery Ward is expected to open in less than six months–in October 2018.
  • In a heartbeat: A Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory will treat patients who live closer to Mount Scopus than Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem.
  • Supernurse: Chief Operating Room Nurse, Reuven Gelfand, was responsible for all logistics pertaining to the Hadassah Medical Center’s recent mission to Ethiopia.

Read about it at http://hadassahinternational.org/hadassah-doctors-ring-humanitarian-surgery-ethiopia-day-one/ and http://hadassahinternational.org/hadassah-doctors-bring-humanitarian-surgery-ethiopia-day-two/

Watch the video at https://player.vimeo.com/video/264517816

  • Dignity: The only Jewish hospice in greater Jerusalem is at Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus.
  • Groundbreaking: Digging has begun for the new expanded Rehabilitation Center.
  • Sound of Music: The new Rehabilitation Center will feature an accessible concert hall.
  • All in One: At the Center for Children with Chronic Diseases, all the specialists come to the patients.
  • Up not Down: Israel’s National Center for Down syndrome is at Hadassah Mount Scopus.
  • Wishes for Peace: The Wishing Well on Mount Scopus features “stones for peace,” decorated by Jewish and Arab pediatric patients.
  • She speaks Amharic: Ethiopian-born Nurse Orna Tedessa Solomon, deputy head of the Mount Scopus recovery room, served as liaison for Hadassah’s surgery mission to Ethiopia.
  • Woman Power: The current and past directors of Hadassah Mount Scopus are both women.
  • Remember: The memorial for the Hadassah medical convoy that was ambushed in 1948 is located on Mount Scopus.
  • Iconic domes: Domes on the roof of the building were only added after Hadassah National President Rose Jacobs insisted that the architect, Erich Mendelsohn, add these iconic domes to make the hospital blend into the Middle Eastern landscape.