Brainstorming by the HMO pediatric surgery team resulted in them using a unique, minimally invasive method to save the life of an infant.

The delivery room team realized they had a problem. The baby was experiencing respiratory distress. An ultra sound showed a diaphragmatic hernia which allowed the baby’s small intestine, colon and spleen to enter the chest, pressing on the lungs and heart which would require a major operation involving opening of the chest.

But this time an idea came up in a team brainstorming session. The Hadassah doctors decided to perform Thoracoscopy: a minimally invasive surgery using two optic fibers and a camera, a procedure that does not require the opening of the chest.

Dr. Amos Fruman, director of the Pediatric Surgery Department at Hadassah Hospital, said afterwards “Despite the great challenge of thoracoscopic surgery we wanted to make it easier for the baby. We have the best technology, and we know how to use it. We realized that this was the best option for this baby. It was quite an operation!”

“The baby was a real trooper and we are happy that we enabled her to lead a full, normal, healthy life,” says Dr. Fruman. “This is the essence of the work we do at Hadassah Pediatric Surgery.”

Her parents, Libby and Joe Preige stated “Our daughter Bina will grow up to be a healthy child, thanks to the amazing staff at Hadassah who did not hesitate and chose the right surgical procedure for her. We will never forget it and will tell her all about it when she is old enough. “