In a landmark event organized by Hadassah Chile, Dr. Ahmad Nama, the Director of the Emergency Unit at Hadassah Medical Center Ein Kerem, brought his invaluable expertise to Chile’s medical community. This initiative, the first of its kind, aimed to create collaborative partnerships and share Hadassah’s medical prowess with the Chilean society. Driven by the leadership of Hadassah Chile’s board of directors, this visit marked a significant step toward fostering global cooperation in healthcare.

Dr. Nama’s visit was a monumental occasion that not only showcased his exceptional knowledge, but also left an indelible mark on the more than 300 medical professionals, hailing from various hospitals, universities, and organizations across Chile. His presentations centered on trauma management and the intricate intricacies of handling mass casualty events, subjects of paramount importance in today’s world. Dr. Nama’s insights were a beacon of knowledge for the eager audiences, igniting a spark of inspiration in Chile’s healthcare sector. The medical institutions that participated in this this 3-day event included: Hospital Clínico Universidad de Chile (, Hospital de Urgencia Asistencia Pública (, Clinica Alemana (, and Hospital Sótero del Río (

One of the pivotal events during Dr. Nama’s visit was hosted at the residence of Arie Roizman, Chairman of the Board of the Israelite Medical Center. This gathering provided an opportunity for supporters of Hadassah Chile to hear Dr Nama and to engage in dialogues that revolved around Hadassah’s unique patient-centered coexistence model.

Beyond the formal gatherings, Dr. Nama also took the time to connect with members of Young Hadassah Without Borders in Chile. This group of dedicated and purpose-driven leaders shares a common vision: fostering humanitarian transformation through impactful and sustainable health initiatives.

Dr. Ahmad Nama’s visit to Chile was a testament to the power of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the enduring spirit of humanitarianism. Hadassah Chile’s efforts to bring such an esteemed medical professional to Chile not only served to educate and inspire, but also laid the foundation for future partnerships in the field of healthcare.

The goal of this initiative was not merely to exchange medical knowledge but to build bridges to peace through medicine. By forging collaborations with Chilean healthcare institutions, Hadassah has paved the way for ongoing cooperation that can bring about positive change in the healthcare landscape, both in Chile and beyond.

As the first of hopefully many such events, Dr. Nama’s visit stands as a shining example of the impact that organizations like Hadassah can have on a global scale. By sharing their expertise, fostering partnerships, and promoting humanitarian values, they continue to make strides in their mission to improve healthcare and promote peace through medicine.