Hadassah International is helping to fund the upgrade and expansion of Hadassah’s Blood Bank and Transfusion Medicine Department. The following is one story of healing from the Blood Bank:

As a recent immigrant to Israel, a Russian mother had no support network to turn to when she was diagnosed with lymphoma and needed blood for her bone marrow transplant.

Her four-year-old daughter understood more of her parents’ worried conversation than they realized. While at kindergarten, she told her playmates that her mommy needed blood for a big operation and didn’t know where to find it. Some of those children took the story home with them. The evening of the next day, the phone rang in the home of the Russian family.

“We hear you need blood donors,” said the caller. “I’m the father of a child in your daughter’s kindergarten. There are 30 kids in the kindergarten, which makes 60 parents. I’ve spoken to most of these parents and everyone I’ve reached so far is happy to go to Hadassah and give blood for you.”