Hadassah Medical Center physicians and nurses joined the team of ALEH, Israel’s foremost network of care for children with severe complex disabilities, for the eighth annual Jerusalem Marathon (photo: Netanel and Amichai Klein, ALEH’s youngest competitive runners, celebrate after their first-ever race at the 2018 Jerusalem Marathon).

After months of training, a Jerusalem police officer helps his ALEH running partners navigate the 500-meter Community Track at the 2018 Jerusalem Marathon.

With participants in every race, cheering sections on every sideline, and the largest group at the 500-meter “Community Track,” including more than 50 individuals with severe disabilities, ALEH was everywhere at once, highlighting the importance of quality care for Israel’s disability community.

“People shouldn’t be judged by their disabilities or skin color or anything else that they can’t control. They should be appreciated for what they can do and given a chance to participate always,” said ALEH’s youngest runner, eight-year-old Amichai Klein, who convinced his 11-year-old brother, Netanel, to run the five-kilometer race with him.

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