Israel’s Health Ministry has rated both of the Hadassah Medical Organization’s hospitals as the best in their class in Israel.

The Health Ministry’s report for 2020 places Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem in first place in the major hospital category and Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus at the top in the category of small-campus hospitals. Both received a maximum score of 10.

The scoresheet takes into account a vast array of services. Among them are the ability to perform heart catheterization in under 90 minutes from the moment a patient is admitted (Israel tops the world in this category), stroke treatment, prevention of in-hospital infections, and detection of depression among its patients. Waiting times for a patient’s triage in Hadassah Ein Kerem’s emergency room average just 5 minutes, according to the document published July 28.

Prof. Yoram Weiss, director of Hadassah Ein Kerem and now also acting director of the Hadassah Medical Organization, says, “Hadassah teams have proven once again that with hard work, it is possible to achieve impressive results in the various areas of treatment, from infancy to old age, despite the difficult years our medical center has experienced.”

He explains, “Our excellent staff in all sectors and departments of Hadassah Mount Scopus and Hadassah Ein Kerem work day and night for the hospital patients who trust us to provide them with quality and dedicated care. This is evident in the results presented today by the Health Ministry. The high scores show that despite the focus on optimal care for the largest number of COVID-19 patients to be hospitalized in Israel and the burden this created in our hospital, the quality of the treatment for the other patients was not diminished. It continued to be professional and of high quality.”

The report’s author, Prof. Yaron Niv, praised the Israeli hospital system for the way it dealt with healthcare during such a difficult year. “Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the reduction in hospital activity,” he said, “quality of treatment was not affected either in the COVID-19 outbreak units or in the regular departments.”

Health Ministry Director-General Prof. Nachman Ash adds, “This comparison of medical centers is a positive, constructive source of competitiveness, an incentive for excellence and achievement.”