The Ministry of Health conducted a survey revealing the best and the worst emergency rooms (ER) in Israel. A total of 10,152 patients answered a variety of questions regarding their level of satisfaction with the services provided at the hospital.

The 26 hospitals that were assessed were divided into sections, based on the size of their ER. The Judy and Sidney Swartz Center for Emergency Medicine at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem ranked number one in the category featuring the largest ERs in Israel. The hospital’s rate of satisfaction was 63 percent. The questions that were asked related to the waiting period before an appointment, attitude of the staff, clarity of information and evaluation provided, continuity of treatment and overall satisfaction from the facilities.

The survey was conducted in 2015 between May and August. The interviewees ranged in age; from senior-aged patients to parents of young children. The interviews were conducted in English, Hebrew, Arabic, and Russian.