Countering the violence between Israel and Gaza and the riots in mixed Arab-Jewish cities, the Hadassah Medical Organization launched a video campaign to highlight Jewish-Arab cooperation and camaraderie in its two hospitals, Hadassah Ein Kerem and Hadassah Mount Scopus.

Witness the rapport between the Muslim woman who manages the endo-chemistry laboratory and her Jewish staff member Limor Avraham, the warm connection between the Muslim internal medicine day hospital manager and a Jewish ultra-Orthodox volunteer, and the collaboration between each of the very diverse teams of Jewish, Christian and Arab intensive care nurses, x-ray technicians and kitchen staff.

Listen to Hadassah’s staff members sing about their commitment to opening their hearts and working together to save lives, “Together All the Way. Together, There Is No Other Way.”

Read more about the video in The Jerusalem Post.

Photo caption: Hadassah Medical Center workers hold signs emphasizing cooperation.