At exactly 2:22 am on February 22, 2022, a set of twins began their entry into the world in the delivery room at Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus.

The first of the twins emerged at 2:22 directly into the hands of midwife Ofra Gilboa, who accompanied the Jerusalem mother throughout the birth.

“The mother had been in labor for several hours before she received medication to accelerate the birth, but still not much progress was being made,” says Ofra. “When I came on duty, I told the parents that the babies were probably waiting to be born at the beautiful time of 2:22. And that’s exactly what happened!”

The babies, identical twins, will join their 5-year-old brother, who is waiting for them at home.

 “On this special date,” comments the mother, “two unique little ones were born, following a wonderful, smooth and healthy birthing experience, thanks to my midwife Ofra.”