Over one hundred doctors, researchers, and entrepreneurs gathered at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem this summer to discuss how to advance the quality of patient care with computational power.

At the Conference entitled “Trends in Digital Health Innovation,” Keynoter Dr. Michal Rosen-Zvi, Director of Health Informatics at IBM Research, talked about how cognitive algorithms are revolutionizing the medical world with the data they provide. Sponsored by Hadasit, Hadassah’s technology transfer arm, the conference also featured presentations by Prof. Shahar Arzy, Director of Hadassah Hospital’s Neuropsychiatry Clinic and the Hadassah-Hebrew University School of Medicine’s Neuropsychiatry Laboratory; Bruno Lavi, Senior Deputy Director General for Operations at Hadassah; and Talor Sax, Chief Executive Officer of eHealth Ventures.

Read more about Prof. Arzy’s work at  http://v2023.hadassahinternational.org/hadassah-cutting-edge-neuropsychiatrist-keynotes-alzheimers-conference/ and http://v2023.hadassahinternational.org/hadassah-neuroscientists-capture-brain-pattern-epileptic-patients-religious-revelation/

Pictured above left to right: Prof. Shahar Arzy, Director of the Hadassah Hospital Neuropsychiatry Clinic and Computational Neuropsychiatry Laboratory of the Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical School; Dr. Tamar Raz, Chief Executive Officer, Hadasit; Dr. Michal Rozen-Zvi, Director of Health Informatics, IBM; and Talor Saxs, Chief Executive Officer, eHealth Ventures