Dear Friends,

Our extended Hadassah family around the world has been in our thoughts, and we hope you are staying well and finding moments of comfort during this trying time.

We are so proud and grateful for the work that the Hadassah Medical Organization (Hadassah Hospital at Ein Kerem) is performing.  The hospital has been designated by the Ministry of Health as one of seven hospitals in Israel to take coronavirus patients.  At an immense financial cost to the hospital and with potential risk to other patients and our health professionals, a secure, secluded and equipped environment on the fifth floor of the iconic Round Building has been created and is being administered by our infectious disease experts.

The Outbreak ICU is already receiving patients with severe respiratory problems.

Moderately ill patients are being hospitalized in this segregated area, and severely ill patients who need intensive care respiratory therapy are in a separate ward nearby. Entrance to both areas is strictly forbidden including by spouses and family. Staff are wearing protective gear and following procedures outlined by the Ministry of Health.

As of this writing, Hadassah hospital doctors, nurses, technicians, and respiratory therapists are treating 17 patients from which 4 already transferred to Dan Panorama Hotel in Tel Aviv (ranging in age from 18 to 72) in isolation in these special wards separate from the rest of the hospital. We expect the numbers to grow exponentially by the day.

There is something very special about Hadassah in the way we care and cope with a crisis such as coronavirus. Many of us, who have been devoted to Hadassah and Israel throughout our lifetimes, can once again stand proudly to say that our hospital is stepping up to offer what no other hospital can, a separate building, our iconic round building, to house patients suffering from COVID 19.

We are assessing the situation and the needs at the Hadassah Hospitals to determine what challenges HMO will face in the next few weeks.

We will get back to you with updates as this unprecedented crisis evolves.

Hadassah, the power to heal our world. Together.



Robert Dorfman                      Melissa Kaplan

President                                Executive CEO