Fabio Wajngarten, of Sao Paulo, Brazil, has joined the Hadassah International Board of Directors.

Fabio graduated as a lawyer and worked in the legal arena for five years, specializing in international and public law.

As his passion always was communications, he pursued the study of marketing and communication towards an MBA in Services of Marketing.

In 2002, Fabio started his own media research company in Brazil, a highly innovative enterprise that measured advertisers expenditures, branded content and merchandising on TV.

In 2013, after two years of intensive negotiation, Fabio was able to close an agreement ending a 30-year monopolist environment on audience measurement in Brazil. He brought the German Research company, GFK, to provide audience data in the Brazilian market financed by 4/5 of the major broadcasters.

During the last war in Israel, Fabio was concerned about the lack of pro-Israel communications and the failure of the Jewish community to respond. He arranged for Jewish leaders to meet with one of the most influential broadcasters that showed sympathy and good will towards Israel, resulting in their positive promotion of Israel. This group, which is evangelical, and politically influential, has a presence in more than 170 countries. Recently, this group has invested in the health sector with the opening of a 40-bed hospital in Sao Paulo.