Bea Birnbaum passed away in Paris on Friday, November 28, 2014, after a long battle with cancer.

Bea started as a volunteer in Hadassah International when it first began in the 80’s and then became a Professional in charge of European Development, working for over twenty years from her base in Paris. She traveled across Europe as an outstanding Ambassador for Hadassah. She was committed, passionate, bright, knowledgeable, caring, and intelligent, becoming an expert on the Hadassah Medical Center. France was a leading force for Hadassah International under her command.

Respected and admired in Israel and all over the world, Bea will be deeply missed by her devoted friends in Israel, France, across Europe, the US and around the world.

Donations in memory of Bea Birnbaum can be sent to the Hadassah France headquarters.

Hadassah France

6 rue Legravérend

75 012 Paris