The appalling attacks in Paris on Friday night were, as Francois Hollande said “an act of war on free society”. These attacks unfortunately do not represent a new type of terrorism. The war has simply been taken to a new venue.

The Islamic State’s brutality has to be stopped. We cannot allow it to happen. Condemning and repudiating it is not enough. Hadassah calls on governments around the world to unite and fight against this type of atrocity.

We in HADASSAH have shown the world that different faiths and ethnic groups have the ability to live together, to coexist together, and make peace when the goal is to heal and create a better world. We do this despite the fact that in Israel we live with terrorism 24/7.

From the hospital where he is tending to the wounded, cardiologist Prof. Emmanuel Messas, President of Hadassah France, said, “We are all shocked and horrified by what happened this past Friday night in Paris. Our hospital took care of many wounded with high professionalism and courage. Now, in the coming days, we as French and Jews, are expecting courageous action from our government in fighting this terrorism by all the means necessary.  This includes the brainwashing occurring via the internet particularly using videos or Facebook messages.   

There will be a “before” and “after” this barbaric event. All the public demonstrations are now forbidden and we as Jewish community leaders have to think about opening Jewish schools and kindergartens next week!  We have to be unified and strong in France, in the Jewish community and in the medical world. Now more than ever we need a strong Israel.  We need to support Israel in order to support all the Jews around the world. I am confident that with G-d’s help, at the end of the day, justice and truth will prevail.  In the meantime, we have to pray and strengthen ourselves.

I take this opportunity to warmly thank the Hadassah International organization for their support, as I have received many emails and calls from  the USA, Australia, Switzerland and Israel.  We will continue to work together to support Hadassah which symbolizes a place of humanity and excellence working for a better world.”

Hadassah condemns any attack against humanity. We hope that soon all peoples and nations learn that coexistence and peace create better results than war and violence.

Hadassah stands with our colleagues and supporters in France. We offer our condolences to the citizens of France who, once again, have felt the pain of terror.

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Moishe Sandler

Hadassah International President