Talia Safra, a Hadassah Hospital medical clown, made a special visit to the Atid Jewish High School in Mexico City and gave a talk about her work to 80 high school students. She explained what it is like to be close to children who are so ill. The students showed a great deal of interest and were motivated to consider training as medical clowns for their own local hospitals.The children told Talia about their relationship with the pediatric patients at Hadassah, forged in 2002 when they organized a big fair to raise money for the Center for Emergency Medicine. Last year, students from Atid visited the Hadassah Medical Center and saw the plaque on the wall with the name of their school, recognizing their contribution.

“At Hadassah International,” comments Hadassah Mexico Director Ethel Fainstein, “we develop new friends for Hadassah and connect our youth to Jerusalem and to our mission.”