Several Hadassah University Medical Center medical professionals have won prestigious awards and gained recognition internationally.

 Prof. Dina Ben Yehuda Hematology

Prof. Dina Ben Yehuda

Prof. Dina Ben Yehuda, head of the Hadassah University Medical Center’s Division of Hematology, has received one of the three awards to outstanding physicians presented by the Society for Medicine and Law in Israel. The award is given based on patients’ recommendations. “Prof. Ben Yehuda,” the award committee noted, “has vast experience in hematology, and is involved deeply in clinical as well as research work. Recently she was recognized as an outstanding teacher by the Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Medicine. Prof. Ben-Yehuda excels in creative thinking and tailor making treatments to patients just like a suit. Her patients say that the value of saving life is deeply rooted inside her personality, and she is a symbol of diligence and thoroughness, compassion and devotion.”

This is the second year in a row that a Hadassah physician received this prestigious award. Last year’s recipient was Prof. Neri Laufer, then head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Sari Cohen, Orthopedic nurse
Sari Cohen,
Orthopedic nurse

Sari Cohen, Senior Orthopedic Operating Room Nurse, was the first Israeli nurse to give a presentation at the annual conference of AOTrauma, the world’s leading orthopedic trauma association. AO’s mission is to “improve the treatment of patients with trauma and disorders of the musculo-skeletal system through research, development, clinical investigation, and education.” Ms. Cohen was also elected as a member of the AOTrauma’s European Regional Committee for Operating Room Practices.

Dr. Chamutal Gur, Internal Medicine
Dr. Chamutal Gur,
Internal Medicine

Dr. Chamutal Gur of Hadassah’s Internal Medicine Department received the Hebrew University’s Kaye Innovation Award for a researcher. Dr. Gur, a Ph.D candidate at the Hadassah-Hebrew University School of Medicine, is studying the role of natural killer cells in autoimmune diseases. Her main project focuses on the function of the NKp46 killer receptor in Type 1 diabetes mellitus.

Prof. Jacob Pe’er, Ophthalmology
Prof. Jacob Pe’er,

Prof. Jacob Pe’er, head of Hadassah’s Ophthalmology Department, received the Michaelson Award from the Macula Society during the 35th annual conference of the international association, a forum for new research in retinal vascular and macular diseases.