Hadassah University Medical Center Director General Prof. Shlomo Mor-Yosef traveled to Mexico once again to reunite with friends in Mexico City and Monterrey and to cultivate and broaden support for the Hadassah Medical Center.

In one-on-one meetings and gatherings in prestigious and diverse locales such as Monterrey’s Industrial Club, the National Commission of Social and Health Welfare, and the residence of the Ambassador of Israel to Mexico, Prof. Mor-Yosef was welcomed warmly by both distinguished leaders of the Jewish community and high-level businessmen. Many of the friends Prof. Mor-Yosef greeted had been to the Medical Center and all eagerly listened to updates on the construction of Hadassah’s new inpatient facility–the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower–and the various research breakthroughs emerging from Hadassah.

Among the influential leaders who met with Prof. Mor-Yosef were the hospital directors of the Mexican Health Ministry and Institutes of Health. Prof. Mor-Yosef gave a presentation entitled: “The Hospital Management Model of Hadassah: Combining Healing, Teaching and Research.” Prof. Mor-Yosef also dialogued with the President of the Central Committee, the political umbrella of Mexico’s Jewish community.

Greeting the 70 guests at the residence of HE Ambassador Dr. Rodica Radian-Gordon, Israel’s Ambassador to Mexico, Prof. Mor-Yosef spoke about “Jerusalem and the Medicine of the 21st Century: the New Tower at Hadassah Hospital.” During the festive evening, donors to the Tower were presented with certificates, in recognition of their generosity.

This whirlwind week of meetings and presentations provided Prof. Mor-Yosef with the opportunity to thank the large network of friends from Mexico for their support and to emphasize the importance of educating the younger generation to embrace their value of philanthropy.


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