Hadassah Mexico hosted a symposium on trauma for organizations in the Mexican community that deal with health emergencies and national disasters, featuring Hadassah Hospital-Ein Kerem Chief Neurosurgery Resident Dr. Samuel Moscovici.

Co-sponsored with Cadena, A.C., a group of young volunteers who serve the community during emergencies and national disasters, the symposium was entitled “Dealing with Multiple Victims of a Mass Catastrophe: Experiences from the Hadassah Medical Organization.” Dr. Moscovici presented the major facets of dealing with emergency situations and offered guidelines for emergency protocol and treatment.

Following the symposium, representatives of the many organizations who attended thanked Ethel Fainstein, Director of Hadassah Latin America, for organizing the presentation and expressed the importance of coordinating joint efforts among the emergency relief organizations in the future. The symposium was widely highlighted in Mexico’s national media.

For more information, please contact hadassah-mexico@hadassah.org.