Experiencing the splendor of Designer Minh Ta’s summer collection while sipping champagne, participants in Hadassah New Zealand’s latest fundraiser helped to raise money for a Nurses Charting Station in the Onocology wing of the new Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower at the Hadassah Medical Center, in memory of Immediate Past Hadassah New Zealand President Valda Knight.

Gathering on the balcony of an Edwardian-style mansion, surrounded by beautiful parks, the guests enjoyed an afternoon of beauty, style, and elegance, reports Lindy Davis, daughter of Valda Knight. The warm hospitality, she notes, was instantly evident when Hostess Alma Sax introduced herself and explained that she’d made her home available for the Hadassah event, “because the lady [Valda Knight] who visited her at the beginning of the year was so passionate about the cause and the importance of advancing medicine.”

Designer Minh Ta had arrived in New Zealand from Vietnam as a refugee in 1977 and worked as an assistant in the fashion industry. Ten years later, she opened her own studio and now makes haute couture garments for clients in New Zealand and abroad. Hadassah New Zealand’s fashion show featuring her designs brought in eight thousand dollars for the Nurses Charting Station in the new Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower.