After Hadassah nurse Moran Hanuka had baby number four in December, she was looking forward to extending her maternity leave until June at the earliest in order to spend quality time with her daughter. But with the coronavirus’s arrival in Israel, Hanuka, not hesitating for a second, just returned to work with her colleagues in the Outbreak Ward at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem.

“I told my husband and children I’m going back to Hadassah, which is my other home,” she said in an interview with Israel’s national Channel 12. “A flame was burning inside me. I couldn’t simply stay at home.” As she told the incredulous anchor interviewing her, “In order tobe a nurse, one has to love it.”

At first her husband, Dudi, and her children expressed their fears, Hanukah admitted, but she explained there was nothing to fear and that she was happy with her decision. Once they heard that, her family accepted her decision.

With some 20 coronavirus patients in two wards at EinKerem, Hanuka and her nursing colleagues have their work cut out for them. Several older patients require extra care with feeding and medication. “Of course there’s pressure, but nurses learn to remain calm and give the best care to everyone with a smile,” said Hanuka. “I hope this period passes, and we only hear good news. Here at Hadassah it’ll be just fine, I’m sure.”