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Hadassah International and Hadassah, The Women Zionist Organization of America, Inc. are proud to launch an exciting Hadassah Song Challenge based on the ancient biblical prayer for healing uttered by Moses: “El na refa na la” / “O God, please let us be healed”.

We ask you to please share the details of the Challenge in your media, including the rules for participation.




Have you seen the beautiful LET US BE HEALED Video? Now you can participate in an exciting Challenge.

Make your own video version of the song in Hebrew or in any language. You can sing it based on the instrumental background which you can find on YouTube. Alternatively, you can make an adaptation using your own instrumental background as long as you keep the original melody.

The 20 most original video entries will win the chance to sing the song together with the artists in a special Zoom recording, which will be published internationally.


Challenge Rules for Participants:


  1. Who can participate: Anyone, singing alone, or with family and/or friends;
  2. Background for your video: Try to use the visual background from the following link:, or another background related to Hadassah;
  3. Required Statement: Before you start singing, please say “For Hadassah in Jerusalem, let us be healed”;
  4. Publishing your video: Publish your video on your own Facebook account, no later than July 20th;
  5. Tagging: Tag 4 of your friends, as well as Hadassah International (@hadassahinternational) and Hadassah – The Women Zionist Organization of America (@Hadassah);
  6. Challenging others: Please challenge your friends to participate in the Challenge by making their own video;
  7. Who will select the winners: the composer/singer Yair Levi & singer Shai Sol, a representative from Hadassah International, Hadassah – The Women Zionist Organization of America, and Hadassah Medical Organization.


With Hadassah, together we sing, together we live.

Support Hadassah by taking the challenge and help to save lives.


Hadassah International Press contact:

Jorge Diener
Associate Director
Hadassah International
Mobile: +972-50-2569697


Hadassah believes that strength and healing lies in individuals, medical institutions, countries, and communities coming together to heal our world.