As of January 11, out of the 6,500 individuals who work at the Hadassah Medical Organization, 4,800 had received their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, and 1,000 had received the second dose. Fifty staff members opted to take part in the clinical trials of the Israeli-made vaccine, BriLife.

As per the guidelines of Israel’s Ministry of Health, 800 staff members who already had COVID-19 did not receive a vaccination. In addition, 400 employees have medical issues that prevent them from being vaccinated at this time.

Prof. Zeev Rotstein, Hadassah’s director-general, praised his staff for showing responsibility and professionalism in getting vaccinated against COVID-19. “I congratulate the decision of most of the employees to get vaccinated out of a sense of personal and public responsibility,” he said, “and I salute the efficiency of Hadassah’s vaccination teams.”