A bleacher in a Jerusalem synagogue’s prayer hall under renovation collapsed on Sunday, killing two people and injuring 184, most of them teenagers. The Hadassah Medical Organization had previously witnessed this type of mass influx of people with similar injuries only after large terror attacks, says Senior Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem Orthopedist Josh Schroeder.

Hadassah received 111 of the patients. “What the patients went through was akin to falling from the second floor of a house,” reports Dr. Schroeder. “We saw broken arms, broken legs, fractures of the spine, and head injuries. We have some 10 patients with fractured spines.”

* In Hadassah Mount Scopus * 51 injured were treated, 2 in serious condition, 10 in moderate condition, and the rest in light condition.

* In Hadassah Ein Kerem * 60 injured, 6 in serious condition – which includes injured with serious head injuries, 8 in moderate condition and the rest is mild condition.

Text messages went out to Hadassah personnel and, within minutes, 200 Hadassah employees — doctors, nurses, technicians, and support staff — arrived to help.

The congregation of Givat Ze’ev had gathered together to celebrate the start of the Jewish holiday of Shavuot. Read more in The Times of Israel. 


Photo caption: the Hadassah Emergency Staff from both campuses, gets ready to receive the wounded of this terrible accident.