Behailu Megus, age six, is one of the 400 Ethiopian orphans being treated by Prof. Dan Engelhard, Head of the Hadassah Medical Organization Pediatrics Department at Ein Kerem, and his team. Behailu was born with AIDS. His mother died of AIDS and his father is very sick as well.Pictured here: Behailu with Prof. Dan Engelhard; Emanual Pickar, Nead Nurse; and the rest of the pediatric team, together with the new bicycle sent to him by an Israeli women, who was moved by his story.While on his recent visit to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Prof. Engelhard (right) realized that Behailu’s condition had deteriorated and that if he did not undergo middle lobe lobotomy of his lung, he would die. The only way to save the boy’s life was to bring him to Israel. With the help of the Jewish Agency, the Hadassah Medical Organization, and a generous donor, the mission was accomplished. Behailu received the necessary surgery and recovered quickly.


The Jewish Agency covered the airfare to bring Behailu to Israel, the Hadassah Medical Organization took on the costs of hospitalization and half the surgery fee, and a generous donor contributed the rest of the needed funds.

When Behailu arrived at Hadassah Ein Kerem, he became acquainted with a world he never knew. He liked the large aquarium at the entrance to the pediatric department the most, and Gerome, the medical clown, became his best friend. When a leading Israeli newspaper and a national TV channel ran a story on Behailu, an Israeli woman from Kiryat Shmona in the north was so moved that she sent him a gift of a bicycle. Behailu kept the bike close to his bed, treating it as if it were a pet.

With surgery successful and his recovery coming quickly, Behailu was discharged and on his way home.