One Friday morning, a mother of five suddenly experienced a thunderous headache and collapsed. She had a potentially fatal aneurysm, a weakness in a wall of an artery, but thanks to Hadassah’s cutting-edge endovascular catheterization, she is alive and on the road to recovery.

The mother had been rushed to Hadassah Hospital-Ein Kerem, where renowned Interventional Neuroradiologist Prof. José Cohen was on duty. Prof. Cohen has pioneered a new method of repairing aneurysms with endovascular technology. Instead of trying to remove the weakened artery, the traditional method practiced in most medical centers, Prof. Cohen inserted a catheter into the woman’s femoral artery and navigated it through her vascular system under x-ray guidance until he reached the aneurysm. He repaired the weakness with thin, platinum coils and halted the bleeding. Although the woman has a long rehabilitation ahead, her prognosis is good!