Following on the heels of a Hadassah Mexico-orchestrated whirlwind visit last fall, Hadassah Medical Center Director General Prof. Shlomo Mor-Yosef returned to Mexico in the beginning of February to explore and strengthen philanthropic ties and professional medical exchanges

Prof. Mor-Yosef met with both supporters and potential supporters of Hadassah, in one-on-one meetings, as well as larger groups. In Monterrey, a community of eighty Jewish families, 67 people attended the gathering at the home of Hadassah long-time supporters Samuel and Frida Sandler, who were honored to host the event. “In all of our meetings,” relates Hadassah Mexico Director Ethel Fainstein, “everyone exhibited a profound admiration and respect for Hadassah and its endeavors, as well as a genuine interest in the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower,” the new inpatient facility being built at the Hadassah Medical Center.

In exploring the creation of mutually beneficial clinical exchanges and medical conferences, Prof. Mor-Yosef met with distinguished representatives of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, the Hospital San José, and the School of Biotechnology and Health. All were eager to pursue avenues of collaboration.

In Mexico City, a hectic schedule of appointments pre-arranged by Mrs. Fainstein enabled Prof. Mor-Yosef to hold individual conversations with influential and prominent members of Mexican society, including business executives, philanthropists, and Jewish lay leaders. A dinner at the home of Claris Dabah, President of Hadassah Mexico, and her husband, Isaac, and a breakfast at the residence of Israeli Ambassador Yosef Livneh gave Prof. Mor-Yosef the opportunity to dialogue with members of the Hadassah Mexico Board and the presidents of Mexico’s seven Jewish communities and other Jewish organizations. In both settings, Prof. Mor-Yosef explained to his listeners about Hadassah’s fundamental importance in cutting-edge research, international medical outreach, and building the Jerusalem of the future.

Prof. Mor-Yosef returned to Israel with promises of generous financial support for Hadassah’s new tower of healing and the knowledge that his meetings were marked by an overarching ambiance of great enthusiasm and admiration for Hadassah’s work.

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