As the fifth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps through Israel, Rely Alon Ph.D., director of the Hadassah Medical Organization’s Division of Nursing and Health Professions, explains that her nursing staff, just like in war, is preparing for the battle to fight the disease once again.

Hadassah is currently at 120 percent occupancy, but, as Alon says, this is typical for wintertime. “We know how to deal with it, and we know how to manage COVID-19,” she relates. “It is not the first wave. It is the fifth.”

Alon reports that Jerusalem “is very red,” with many COVID-19 patients. She notes that the emergency room is full, not only with COVID-19 patients but also with individuals who have the flu and other illnesses. ”Yesterday,” she relates, “there were 360 patients in the emergency room. It’s really a lot.”

She adds, “We need your support. We know that you are with us. We are having a very difficult time now. But as we are Israelis, we can deal with it all. And, together with you, I think we can overcome it all.”

Watch the video interview of Alon and hear how she is personally coping with the pressure and the urgency of supporting the almost 2,000 staff members under her supervision as they brace themselves for more tough times ahead.