Dear Friends of Hadassah International,

In these extraordinary times, celebrating Hanukkah gives us a chance to look at the miracles around us. For all of us, friends, and supporters of the Hadassah Hospitals in Jerusalem, this year highlighted the connection between faith, hope, and the miracles we are given the opportunity to create.

Our doctors, nurses, and the entire team of thousands of people working at HMO, faced the double challenge of saving the lives of COVID-19 patients while continuing to treat all the other patients whose medical care couldn’t wait for this pandemic to end. They did miracles: HMO Director-General Prof. Zeev Rotstein’s message showcases stories of people whose lives have been changed forever.

For Hadassah International, during this year our partnership with HMO enabled us to help, assist and support communities, societies, and people in distress around the world. We facilitated connections that delivered HMO’s expertise and know-how in ways that went beyond knowledge sharing into actual interventions. We can proudly say that together with HMO, we provided a Global response to this pandemic, and demonstrated that we are truly a global organization.

All this happened because of each of you, our dedicated friends, and supporters. Your leadership, compassion, and partnership gives us the strength, ideas, and resources to face the biggest challenge of this generation. As we look at the challenges ahead, we believe that your unwavering partnership will continue to bring innovation and healing to Jerusalem, Israel, and the world.

Chag Hanukkah Sameach,

Jorge Diener
Executive Director