Reminding us of Edward Lorenz’s theory of the butterfly effect, where small actions can have multidimensional impacts thousands of miles away, Jorge Diener, executive director of Hadassah International (HI), shares his thoughts about taking steps to heal our world in a June 8 Times of Israel blog. Diener writes about how he felt honored to be part of Hadassah’s “butterfly effect” when he and a team of top-level Hadassah Medical Organization health professionals traveled to Argentina to share their experiences in grappling with COVID-19.

As he writes, “We left the secure space of a country that has almost won the battle with the deadly virus and flew thousands of miles to immerse ourselves in a country that day by day reaches higher peaks of coronavirus infections and deaths.” Meeting with hundreds of Argentinian health professionals, Diener relates, the Hadassah delegation brought the message “that there is a light at the end of darkness” and that Hadassah “stands true to its raison d’être, its basic DNA, to bring healing to the world.” Read his blog.