After a recent visit to the Hadassah Medical Center, Daniel Berliner, the owner and director of the daily online website Iton Gadol and Agencia Judia de Noticias (AJN) (Jewish News Agency) the largest Jewish news outlet in Latin America, has decided to include articles about Hadassah in the publication for their Spanish speaking audience.

The most recent article explains how Hadassah started its work in Jerusalem over 100 years ago.

The article traces the work of Hadassah from the early days in 1912 when the new organization called Hadassah was formed under the leadership of Henrietta Szold in the US. They sent the first two nurses to Jerusalem to take care of a population that suffered from terrible hygiene conditions. One of their first actions was to provide pasteurized milk, carried from house to house on a donkey and set up clinics.

The article traces the growth of Hadassah from these early beginnings, through the  building of the first Hadassah Hospital at Mount Scopus and later at the hospital at Ein Kerem, and explains how patients are served at the Hadassah Medical Center, a public hospital,  today.



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