The members of the hospice staff at Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus recently fulfilled the dying wish of their 87-year-old patient, Miriam, who yearned to visit and kiss one more time the Torah scroll she had donated to the synagogue in her neighborhood in memory of her late husband.

Miriam’s caregivers learned of her wish through a hospice project aimed at acquainting its staff with their patients’ life stories. Miriam, a widow with no children, had a devoted brother, who visited her regularly. It was he who shared Miriam’s pre-hospice life with the staff and explained that Miriam used to visit “her” Torah scroll every week.

Accompanied by a nurse, social worker, and an additional staff member, Miriam traveled via ambulance to the synagogue, where she had the chance to kiss the Torah scroll one last time.

“We said goodbye to her sadly this week, but we did so knowing that she had managed to get closure from a significant life moment and fulfill one last wish,” said hospice nurse Abigail Damari. Read the full article in The Jerusalem Post.