In June 2018, Vera Nagovski became the first NEXUS™ Stent Graft System patient of Dr. David Planer’s team at Hadassah Hospital. For Nagovski, an x-ray tech who swam three times a week, it started with a headache that wouldn’t go away, achy muscles and fatigue. Over time, it became clear that she had an inflammatory disease affecting her aorta, eventually causing a life-threatening aneurysm more than two and a half inches wide. She had already undergone open-heart surgery to replace the ascending part of the aorta a few years ago by Prof. Shapira at Hadassah, but her aorta disease progressed, now involving the arch. Nagovski faced a devastating choice: another dangerous open-heart surgery or waiting for a sudden, deadly rupture. Luckily, Nagovski had a third choice, the new stent graft. “I admit I was scared, but I had faith in my Hadassah doctors.”

More details about the stent graft, you can find here.