A 39-year-old Israeli man, shot in the head while driving with his wife to a settlement near Ramallah, was airlifted to Hadassah Hospital-Ein Kerem’s Level-One Trauma Unit, where he was stabilized and later operated on successfully.

The man was severely wounded by a bullet that entered beneath his eye, extensively damaging his jaw. Still conscious, he brought the car to a stop so that his wife could drive him to the settlement to get help. His wife called ahead for an ambulance, and by the time they arrived at the settlement, a helicopter was en route to airlift him to Hadassah. The gunman had left the scene immediately after the shooting.

Once the man was stabilized and sedated in the Trauma Unit, he was moved to Hadassah’s General Intensive Care Unit. Although there was no sign of brain damage, there was also no exit wound, signifying that the bullet was still lodged in his head. A surgeon from Hadassah’s Oral and Maxillofacial Department, working with physicians in Hadassah’s Ophthalmology Department, operated successfully on the patient, and he was discharged two weeks later.